Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Come to Europe and Watch the Unions Go On Strike

Europe's springtime of strikes is turning into the summer of strikes

Europe's economic problems begin and end with public employee unions (the US too)

China isn't looking too prosperous lately either

You could even say things are bad all over

There is never a good time to elect a clueless clown president, but US voters seem to have chosen the worst possible time to do so. By electing an empty icon rather than an experienced and competent leader, voters doomed themselves and their children to an endless avalanche of debt from the top down. After successive generations of "dumbing down", psychological neotenisation, and academic lobotomisation, the American voter is now so stupid as to vote for his own economic suicide.

Will air-headed American voters come to their senses and stop sawing at the limb they are hanging on? Never underestimate the stupidity of a voting population that is increasingly dominated by government employees and public sector unions.

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