Thursday, September 02, 2010

Singularity University Class of 2010

Singularity Hub presented a wrap-up of 2010's Singularity University second summer session. The wrap-up was a close follow-up of a comprehensive video look at the full range of projects undertaken by SU's students this summer.

Students were busy working on energy projects, water projects, food projects, space projects, and "up-cycle" projects -- a focus on sustainability. It sounds as if this summer's projects may have been focused upon the problems of the third world -- which calls into question the entire idea of naming this endeavour "Singularity University", if it is only another "appropriate technology" approach to saving the third world from its own idiocratic nature.

The Singularity is about mind-blowing, futuristic advances that happen so quickly as to be unpredictable and untrackable.

Wait and see what happens next year, I suppose. The phantom hobgoblins of overpopulation doom, carbon catastrophe doom, peak oil doom, peak water doom, and all the other scary story dooms that haunt the modern airwaves and electron-ways, may be too powerful to resist -- even if totally false. If so, pack up the babies and grab the old ladies and go go go to Brother Love's Salvation of the Earth Singularity Show, because there is no escaping it now.