Friday, January 02, 2009

Guys and Their Real Dolls

This 47 minute video tells the story of four different adult male owners of Real Dolls, plus a visit to the factory where Real Dolls are made and an interview with Matt, the creator of Real Dolls.

These silicone mannequins weigh about 100 pounds, and can be made to look surprisingly life like. All four of the featured owners appear thoroughly addicted to their dolls, although one of the owners denies it, unconvincingly.

A "Real Doll Doctor" is also featured, a mechanic who maintains, repairs, and restores used mannequins to a like-new condition -- for a price. The doll doctor appears reasonably normal, and is shown at home with an attractive living girlfriend. But even the normal "doctor" admits to being seduced a time or two by particularly alluring Real Dolls that he has restored. He sounded almost sheepish in the admission, but not apologetic.

I see these dress-up and dress-down mannequins as an early incarnation of something which in five or ten years will be a booming business, presenting a very real threat to several existing industries including pornography, prostitution, computer dating services, and the wedding industry. As in the animation titled "Don't Date Robots!!!", it is clear that the human male can be seduced by substitutes for real women, if the substitute passes a certain threshold of "realness."

Real Dolls will not pass that threshold for most men. But what will the next incarnation of girl surrogate be capable of? Blinking, smiling, frowning, and pursing her lips? Thrusting her hips and moaning at the proper times? Perhaps engaging in simple verbal exchanges, expressions of love, even offering devotion approaching the false adoration of a Stepford Wife? How long before they can go out dancing and to a movie?

Little by little, the dolls cum robots cum androids will pass the thresholds of surrogate acceptability for more and more men of all strata of society. How severely that impacts marriage and family and fertility inside a society probably depends upon how women react to made-to-order sex objects that never grow old and flabby -- with a little maintenance and occasional restorative work.

North American societies are oriented toward the needs of girls and women. Women enjoy affirmative action in school admissions, work hirings, government contracts. Government education in K-12 has been totally re-structured to benefit girls, to the severe disadvantage of boys. Women are taking over higher education in almost every field except math-intensive fields. This advantaging of women over men in education is beginning to show itself in the changing gender makeup of various professions and careers.

Women are favoured in divorce settlements and in child custody arrangements, often at the expense of not only the father but of the children as well. It is socially acceptable to tell cruel jokes about men, but not about women. And so on.

For those and many other reasons, many men have already turned away from marriage, and from most social relationships with women other than perhaps quick hookups. Men sense that the playing field is not level, and feel little desire to play in a rigged game.

But for now, Real Dolls simply are not good enough to fool the senses, to overcome the natural repulsion that most men feel in the presence of something that looks like a woman superficially, but doesn't breathe, move, talk, or respond meaningfully.

I prefer my non-sexual android, Valerie. She takes care of the house, and she is surprisingly well read. If she would just stop hacking into my web sites and posting under my name. Nobody's perfect.

Also published at Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!