Thursday, September 22, 2011

Men Waiting to Start a Family: Mature Men and Younger Women

Young women hold a strong erotic attraction to men of all ages. So it is natural for mature men, once they have achieved success and comfort in life, to seek relationships which give him the most pleasure. Throughout history, older men have started families with younger women, who are still in their fertile period. In most human cultures such things are considered normal and natural.

But in many decadent western societies, ideologically radical feminism has taken over politically correct cultures. Relationships involving older men and younger women are strongly discouraged by the PC thought police.

Scientific research in mice has been performed in an attempt to prove that older fathers lead to disabled and dysfunctional children. But however much feminists would like for human males to be mice, humans are not actually mice and should not be treated as such. A better science would look at human subjects in order to determine the facts about the children of older fathers and younger mothers.

And that is what Sweden's Karolinska Instutute has done, in a massive study:
This present study is based on data from over 135,000 children in Stockholm, who left compulsory school between 2000 and 2007, and tested the hypothesis that any negative consequences of the father's age on the child's IQ would be offset by the social advantages that being raised by older parents brings.

"To the delight of fathers choosing to wait before having children, our results suggest that children of older fathers perform no worse in school," says Anna Svensson, study leader at the Department of Public Health Sciences. "When we studied children's final year-nine grades we could see no difference between children of fathers in their 50s and children of fathers in their 30s."

Children of even younger fathers performed slightly worse in school, although these difference could largely be attributed to differences in the parents' own educational background. _SD
According to the report above, children of older fathers actually performed better than children of younger fathers.

The point is not to advocate the pairing of older men with younger women. The point is rather to be honest about the consequences of such pairings, in order to allow humans to make informed choices. When science is subsumed within political ideology -- as in modern PC science -- no one can truly trust the results of such politicised research.

From "climate science" to cognitive science to reproductive science to energy sciences and technologies, the destructive influence of PC leftism and lefist green dieoff.orgiasm has cost modern societies trillions of dollars in dysfunctional economic and social policies. Much of the modern economic and cultural malaise being suffered by modern societies is directly due to the malignant influence of a dieoff leftist influence on science, politics, and culture.

In modern times it takes men longer to mature and become financially independent, on average. The pairing of mature and economically self-sufficient men with younger, fertile women of erotic appeal, makes a lot of sense when these men do finally get around to starting a family.

If feminists cannot keep their hands off normal human relationships, perhaps it really is time for the backlash.

Update 8Oct2011: Here is a news report of a Dutch study that attempts to link older sperm with mental disabilities in offspring. The actual findings do not actually support the claims being made for the study, and in fact contradict actual results studies performed by the Karolinska Institute, as noted above.

Just as older mothers increase the risk of chromosomal and genetic problems in offspring, it is also logical that a theoretical risk of genetic problems from older fathers also may exist. But such a risk still needs to be proven beyond the merely theoretical -- and needs to be quantified and individualised so that appropriate precautions can be taken, if needed in the particular case.

In the meantime, humans should be free to go about their lives without being held hostage by a feminist-overlord culture of PC repression.

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