Monday, February 21, 2011

Massive Entitlement Spending Growth Prevents a Better Future

Images via MJPerry
The US government is stuck in the entitlement racket -- the "votes for cash" scam. By channeling more and more private sector income through government redistribution channels, more private citizens are becoming dependent upon government incomes -- and forgetting how to take care of themselves.
This wholesale shift to government dependency might be okay if it were sustainable. But as anyone who follows international and national economic news should know by now, the entire pyramid scheme is not sustainable. But it is very addictive.

The end result of this massive, exponential growth in government entitlement spending, will be very ugly. Try not to get engulfed by the growing clash between an ever more grasping government, and the people who have to pay the bills and do the productive work. If you get caught in the middle, you may not survive the aftermath.

Images via MJPerry

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