Monday, August 17, 2009

Worlds of Secession

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It is likely that as the Obama Depression goes worldwide, more parts of the world will wish to secede from their parent national government. If so, this map could grow substantially more divided in a very short time.


Unknown said...


This is the last time I'm posting. I'm unsubscribing from your RSS feed also. If you are being sarcastic with the "Obama Depression" then you can call be a stupid reader, although I would say you aren't a very good sarcastic writer.

If you're serious, well there's your reason. Some people are actually using the term "Obama Depression" seriously, and those people are, without a doubt, morons. We're not in a depression and Obama didn't start this recession. If you believe otherwise, you're a moron. Being a moron is enough cause for me to stop reading your blog.

Thanks for the 3 good posts this year, and enjoy blaming the wrong people for very real problems. I hope that works out great for you.

Why couldn't you just write some more cool science stuff based on facts and actual developments instead of repeating fucking political memes?

al fin said...

Ah, my dear Yoat, you cut me to the quick, to the quick, I say.

After all this time, working my fingers to the bone producing my requisite 3 good posts per year, and you serve me this ingratitude and spite.

You force me to demand that you unsuscribe from this RSS feed and to henceforth and forthwith refrain from posting to this blog.

I regret these extreme steps, but you have forced me to take them, Yoat. Forced me, I say.