Saturday, January 20, 2007

You Want a Catastrophe? Here's Your Goddam Catastrophe!

Some people are just catastrophe junkies. It's one thing if they have an imagination, and can dream up their own vivid catastrophes. I can respect that. I'll still give them drugs, if they come to me, but I respect them.

It's the small-minded dweebs who hate a warm, sunny day that I despise. They want every warm pleasant day to be a massive portent of disaster. They thrive on epinephrine, but a peculiar type. They thrive on the epinephrine they get from reading mainstream journalist's portrayals of how other humans are destroying the earth. This makes them feel superior and totally innocent.

They are derivatives-of-derivatives junkies. Third-hand junkies with no crap detectors and no imaginations.

Yes, there are things that could destroy the world. But lame-minded conformists who only know what the propaganda machine tells them, will never know what they are.

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