Monday, September 26, 2011

Creative Use of Concrete Shutters for Zombie-Proofed House

All Images from All-that-is-interesting

Above you can see the zombie-proof house with all shutters fully closed. In this setting, the only access into the house is via a drawbridge, which must be lowered for entry.
Now you can see the shutters as they begin opening. Beneath the large front concrete shutter is a secondary steel shutter, for added zombie-proofing.
Concrete shutters are now fully opened, revealing the side windows and front entrance and windows.
Here you can see the lowering of the drawbridge -- the only access to the house when all shutters are closed in full zombie-proof mode.
This is the house as it would normally be seen, with no zombies in the vicinity. Regular patrols by ground and from the air are mandatory, to assure the absence of zombies. A constant seismic surveillance is likewise necessary, to guard against the dreaded tunneling zombies.
After the sun goes down, the house would normally be fully closed in, due to the increased threat of nocturnal zombie attack. Immediately after this photograph was taken, a zombie spotting was reported two houses down, requiring an immediate shuttering-in. Eternal vigilance becomes second nature inside the zombie zone.

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