Monday, April 19, 2010

50 Best Blogs for Neurology / Psychology / Cognitive Sci?

According to the Radiology Technician Schools website, these are the 50 top blogs for Neurology students:

1. NeuroLogica Blog : This engaging blog by Steven Novella, MD covers some broad categories within neuroscience, but some of his more interesting postings dissect the role it plays in formulating conspiracy and supernatural theories.
2.Renegade Neurologist : Browse the archives or book recommendations to learn almost everything there is to know about how the nervous system and its related disorders operate.
3.Commissural Connections : Neurologist Samuel Pleasure, MD, PhD blogs about all the issues and news stories that impact his work as well as that of his contemporaries.
4.Neuro Notes : Dr. Andrew Wilner picks certain subject areas within the field of neurology and discusses his thoughts and opinions of whatever crops up.
5.Mind Hacks : An essential read for neuroscience and psychology students alike, Mind Hacks overflows with incredible postings on how the human brain functions.
6.The Law and Neuroscience Blog : Students hoping for a career in neurology and neuroscience must remain informed of the legal restrictions and ramifications of their work lest they face serious trouble.
7.Brain Blogger : Anything and everything related to the amazing human brain gets covered here, including neurology and neuroscience. Brain Blogger is an amazing resource for students wanting to see how their discipline relates to psychology and other subjects.
8.Talking Brains : Neuroscience students interested in the relationship between cognitive science, psychology, language and their chosen field will appreciate the insightful articles found on the Talking Brains blog.
9.Neurophilosophy : The blog postings available through Neurophilosophy are approachable to readers of all levels and cover a nice, impressive range of topics to keep everyone interested and engaged.
10.Neuroskeptic : One neuroscientist dissects all the latest news, views, and issues regarding the field, playing devil’s advocate for many of the topics at hand.
11.NeuroWoah! : This eclectic neuroscience blog offers well-researched, compelling articles on the diseases and conditions that affect the human brain.
12.N e u r o n a r r a t i v e : Anything and everything regarding the intricacies of the human mind, both scientific and theoretical, ends up covered on this essential resource.
13.Neuroanthropology : Neuroscience shares a staggering amount of overlap with the field of anthropology as well as psychology and sociology, and students curious about this ought to see what this blog has to say on the subject.
14.NCBI ROFL : Discover Magazine’s irreverent blog on neuroscience provides readers with some quirky, fun, and extremely educational stories and articles.
15.Neurotopia : 3 current and former neuroscience graduate students provide readers with general articles that broach a nice array of topics to help further knowledge and research.
16.Brainspin : David DiSalvo’s Brainspin is comprised of relevant articles that appeal to general readers, students, and professionals alike. : Explore the research and opinions of Craig Bennett, whose inquiries into neuroscience revolve around cognitive development.
18.The Frontal Cortex : Unsurprisingly, many of the neuroscience blogs online tend towards articles regarding the brain and its behavior patterns. While this one is no different, that does not in any way dilute its value as a resource for students.
19.The Neurocritic : Neuroscience, neurology, and psychology students alike can benefit from reading this blog’s painstaking analysis of “sensationalistic findings” regarding their areas of expertise.
20.Channel N : Though mostly about psychology, the videos posted on Channel N’s blog quite frequently delve into issues of neuroscience, neuroethics, neurology, and neurotechnology.
21.Neuroethics & Law Blog : All neurology and neuroscience students hoping to do right by their patients ought to read through the laws that govern their practice.
22.Brain Waves : The field of neurotechnology continues to expand, and those hoping to land a career in the industry ought to keep track of all the latest news and developments.
23.BrainBlog : Learn more about the field of neuropsychology with the BrainBlog, which features some great posts blending the two disciplines together.
24.Brains On Purpose™ : Stephanie West Allen and Jeffrey M. Schwartz combine their resources and experiences to discover the intersections between neuroscience and resolving different types of conflict.
25.Brain Hammer : Operated by Pete Mandik, Brain Hammer opens students up to the world of neurophilosophy and challenges them to look at their chosen subject from multiple perspectives.
26.Perusing Psychology : Stay in touch with the latest news and developments in both neuroscience as well as psychology, which overlap with one another with understandable frequency.
27.Brain Windows : Neuroscience students with an interest in technology will appreciate this resource on all the latest developments in understanding the ins and outs of the human brain through machinery.
28.neurodudes : Discover how artificial intelligence relates to neurology and neuroscience through this intelligent and revealing blog, which blends organic and inorganic concepts together into one incredible field.
29.Eide Neurolearning Blog : No matter what aspect of neurology a student aims to focus upon, they still need a familiarity with development and cognition issues such as autism, dyslexia, and others.
30.Neuroethics at the Core : Any student hoping to pursue studies or a career in the medical or scientific industry must learn how to do so without violating any ethical guidelines.
31.Sharp Brains : One of Scientific American’s partner blogs dives headfirst into all the wonders of the human brain, offering neurology students an intimate glimpse at one of their career’s very cores.
32.Neurological Correlates : Psychosis, narcissism, and other dysfunctional attitudes have a physiological basis, as Neurological Correlates relates in its numerous intelligent posts on the subject.
33.Developing Intelligence : Chris Chatham blogs about the evolution of intelligence over time and in different species from a number of different angles, with neuroscience right there in the fray.
34.MindTweaks : Like Mind Hacks, MindTweaks appeals to general audiences and professionals alike by challenging them to think about their own brain’s functions and how to make it operate at its fullest possible potential.
35.Deric Bownds’ MindBlog : From its physiology to its psychology, Deric Bownds covers nearly every aspect of the human brain imaginable on his fantastic MindBlog.
36.Neuromarketing : Advertising and marketing rely on numerous psychological and neurological factors that the general public may not even know about, and this blog offers them some very interesting details on how these disciplines influence one another.
37.Neuroworld : Ryan Sager takes a laid-back look into how neurology shapes the world, from everyday minutiae to pop culture phenomena and everything in between.
38.Brain Science Podcast : Though a blog, the podcast offered here contains the real meat of Ginger Campbell, MD’s inquiries – making this a great resource for neurology students on the go.
39.The Brain Understanding Itself : Alex Doman may only post a few times a month – albeit consistently so – but what he has to say sheds some interesting light on brain functionality and the technologies that may help it prevent, alleviate, or cure serious problems.
40.The Neuro Times : In spite of not updating very often, The Neuro Times provides neuroscience and neurology students with recommendations for interesting books as well as a nice little history of their field.
41.Neurosurgery Blog : This daily digest of neurosurgery news covers a broad spectrum of topics aimed squarely at medical professionals and soon-to-professionals.
42.Neurospotlight: Illuminating the Nervous System: Even beyond the blog, Neurospotlight sheds light on interesting facts and information about the brain and the central nervous system alike.
43.NeuroInterests : Much of what the bloggers at NeuroInterests cover revolves around psychology as it relates to the physiology of the nervous system.
44.A project of Pratt Institute’s Cognitive Psychology Course : Working as a collective, the writers of this blog look at cognitive science and development from a multitude of different perspectives.
45.Thoughts on Thinking : Even if it only updates a few times a month, Genes to Cognition Online provides an excellent resource on the relationship between physiology and neurology.
46.Cognitive Science Blog : This general cognitive science blog focuses on a few different aspects of the human brain that greatly help to supplement lessons in neurology.
47.Brains : Neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, philosophy, and other topics collide in one amazing blog suitable for student perusal.
48.ICCI Blog : All neurology and neuroscience students and professionals should keep track of the numerous and extremely valuable postings made on the official blog of the International Cognition and Culture Institute.
49.Elizabeth’s Brain Tumor (Infection) Blog : Take an intimate look at neurology from a patient’s perspective as she relates her stories and struggles regarding life with a brain tumor.
50.National Brain Injury Foundation (NBIF) : Neuroscience and neurology students with an activist bent may find a worthwhile nonprofit to promote and support when exploring NBIF’s official blog.



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